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Meteolien offers its expertise and experience in wind farm development studies for aggregators and regulators. As part of the liberalization of the sale of electricity on the energy market, Meteolien provides support to aggregators to enable them to offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) by calculating the market risk for wind farm projects as early as possible.

Anticipating the difference to M0

With its own tools for calculating the long-term hourly production of wind energy projects in France, Meteolien enables aggregators to anticipate the difference from M0 (the national average) of a wind farm or a group of farms. This allows them to make strategic investment decisions to optimize their portfolio of renewable energy producers.

Investment decisions involve the forecasting of energy market developments and market values, both of which are essential for financing, as well as forecasting revenues and project values for wind energy projects. The specific influencing factors for site and technology must be systematically and economically evaluated to determine a reliable market value. This includes different indicators such as the wholesale price structure, power curves as well as regional and local wind conditions.


In 2016, Meteolien developed Prodeole, a software dedicated to calculating the hourly production of any wind farm (real or virtual) throughout France. Prodeole has an extensive turbine and meteorological database and its parameters can be adjusted to reflect the reality of the projects. These results are the hourly production values of the wind farms since the 1st of January 2000. Based on this information and the historical or production data of the hourly electricity prices on the EPEX spot market, our customers can calculate the historical or future market value of any wind farm as early as possible in the project planning stage.

For more information about Prodeole, please visit our website.