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Asset Enhancement

Recent investments in wind energy projects

Since 2005, Meteolien has been working with wind energy industry professionals on the optimization of wind energy asset valuation during the cession or acquisition of a portfolio of projects or one or more wind farms. According to the FEE and based on the WindEurope’s annual report (Financing and Investment Trends) “A total of 19 billion euros of new investments in wind farms have been approved in 2019”. An additional €33 billion was invested in wind farm refinancing, wind farm project acquisitions, and other transactions. More than 68% of the new investments were directed towards onshore wind energy. This economic dynamism involves the creation of new players, regroupings, selling projects, or parts of projects, or entire companies, and the corresponding acquisitions.

Confidentiality and impartiality are the key words

Wind farm asset valuation requires combining a classic economic, contractual, and financial approach with a scientific, qualitative, and quantitative process along with a technical assessment of these asset over their entire life cycle. These procedures require a high level of confidentiality, responsiveness, and a guarantee of impartiality. This implies a personal commitment from each expert as well as from Meteolien as a whole.

Based on the WACC, the estimation of the wind production is essential in both determining future turnover and assessing its variability and predictability. It is, therefore, necessary to have precise measurements and counter-simulations of the production as well as a new factor, the correspondence of the hourly profiles with the rates of consumption and/or valorization of kWh at the EPEX. Through its independent expertise and counter-expertise solutions, Meteolien supports both sellers and buyers in future production assessments, both quantitatively and in terms of daily profiles.