Meteolien Professionnels de l'éolien

Consulting and Technical Assistance

Wind energy can provide a significant social and economic development while being a clean and renewable energy source.

The construction of wind farms requires an integrated approach and a good knowledge of the followings aspects: wind resource assessment, technical and economic aspects, social and environmental impacts.

In such a context, Meteolien offers its support and/or expertise in areas such as:

  • General technical studies to develop wind energy production in a country
  • Prospective and pre-feasibility studies
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Various expert studies linked to the means of wind energy production development: wind studies, grid connection, production assessment, E.I.A. (Environmental Impact Assessment), micro-siting, etc…
  • Interface with turbine manufacturers
  • Assessment of emerging technologies

Meteolien enable its clients :

  • To benefit from our experience;
  • To get started in the wind energy business, fully aware of the key issues;
  • To increase the chances of success of their projects;
  • To clarify and to ease the overall approach.