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Databases & Atlas

Meteolien is specialized in the extraction and the updating of wind databases and atlases. Since 2010, Meteolien has been working closely with Météo-France and has developed a strong expertise in the management of meteorological models, long term historical data and  downscaling. This allows us to offer high-performance wind modeling tools for the professionals of the sector.

Meteolien provides professionals with complete wind databases containing several relevant variables at different heights throughout France and abroad. This enables our clients to determine, well in advance of their project and at a lower cost, the conditions of a specific site and/or to prioritize prospecting zones according to the wind resource available on the territory.

In particular, our customers will have access to the following long-term wind resource variables:

  • Long term average speed
  • Confidence interval for mean speed (upper and lower bounds)
  • Uncertainties of the average speed (in %)
  • Coefficients (A; k) long term
  • Standard deviation 24h
  • Standard deviation of hourly speed ramps
  • Monthly average speeds
  • Confidence interval of monthly speeds
  • Uncertainties of monthly variations (in %)
  • Total energy density (in W/m²)

Over the time, numerous national and regional databases and atlases  were developed by Meteolien. Among those outcome is the French Wind Atlas, which was developed for ADEME in 2015 and is considered a major reference in terms of accuracy and performance in France.

This model was developed based on Météo-France’s AROME model. The Wind Atlas contains all of the above-mentioned variables, in addition to 8 measuring heights and a resolution of 2.5km over the entire metropolitan territory along with a downscaling to 500m for coastal and topographically complex areas.

The use of our databases allows wind developers to :

  • Determine beforehand a rough estimate of the wind energy potential
  • Correlates an existing on-site measurement over the long term for a reliable long-term result
  • Calculate long term producible for several types of machines and at different heights
  • Calculate losses based on weather (noise emission, bat flying etc.)

This expertise in meteorological databases has also enabled Meteolien to develop its own state of the art software (Prodeole), which calculates long-term wind energy production.

You can test this tool for free by visiting this address: