Meteolien Experts Energies Renouvelables


Since the establishment of Meteolien in 2005, we have supported more than a hundred developers in France and abroad. Ever since then, Meteolien has worked closely with project developers to offer them the studies and tools that facilitate their project development.

Meteolien is very aware of the drawbacks that have been affecting wind energy projects such as aviation, land ownership, noise, environmental and political matters, etc. Therefore, it offers its expertise in this sector, in order to propose quick and cost-effective solutions.

Meteolien is involved in all the phases of development and operation of wind energy projects: from prospection to feasibility studies, from energy production assessments to monitoring operations, we can advise you at every phase of the project life cycle.

At all stages of the development of a wind energy project, Meteolien supports the work of its development partner through providing wind resource databases, atlases of specific zones, and preliminary site reviews that enable it to select the best sites as early as the prospecting phase.

During the development phase of the project, Meteolien works hand in hand with the developers to transmit its professional knowledge and the latest technologies to the turbine manufacturers in order to optimize each project and achieve maximum profitability.

During the project financing phase, Meteolien prepares a bankable report designed for banks and financiers, which takes into account all the project’s constraints (environmental restrictions, noise, electrical losses, etc.). Meteolien always follows the highest wind energy standards concerning these studies to ensure maximum approval by the financiers (IECs 61400, German Dakks, Measnet).


You can find several examples of our provided services to wind energy developers through the following references in France and abroad:

French References International References
Feasability study : Saint Pierre et Miquelon Republic Dominican: feasibility studies and TOR
Bankable Study: Arkolia Tubas: Capacity to develop electrical systems through RENs
French Wind Energy Atlas RCIP/Sub Saharan: conference and training sessions