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Limit the risks associated with your projects

For a wind energy developer, decisions made during the development phase of the project are critical in order to secure a long-term success. Meteolien helps its clients mitigate risk at the earliest stages of development by sharing with them their vast expertise, professional engineers, best databases and software, and a full range of innovative solutions. We work closely with your team either as technical advisors or by providing access to our wind resource databases and online software, allowing your team to do the work internally.

Starting from the initial site prospecting phase, we provide developers with wind resource mapping and property databases to locate and simulate wind farm sites as early as possible. We also produce complete resource assessments, taking into account the preliminary resource analysis, the distance from source stations, identified environmental limits and other important implementation factors.

Wind Measurement Campaigns

Once potential sites are identified and secured by the developers, Meteolien manages the installation and monitoring of the on-site measuring campaign, in order to collect sufficient data so that a bankable production report can subsequently be established.

At the same time, Meteolien assists developers to design their projects in terms of implementation and selection of machines in order to optimize future profitability as projects increase in size and complexity. Due to a rich database and close relationships with turbine manufacturers, Meteolien offers its expertise and provides you with the best simulated production with the best turbines for your site.

At the end of the measurement campaign, Meteolien provides the developer with a complete bankable production study. Our experts work according to Measnet , German Dakks and IEC 61400 standards which guaranties our expertise and the acceptability of our studies by the financiers of your projects.

We are transparent and known for our methodology which relies on meteorological models and high-performance measurement campaigns, allowing us to provide our clients with thorough analyses that meet the highest standards of the profession.

When it comes to designing your renewable energy project, estimating its production and securing its financing, Meteolien works as both a partner and as an experienced technical expert with in-depth knowledge and credibility with banks and investors. Meteolien has thereby provided assistance in the design, development and evaluation of nearly 3,000 MW of projects around the world and we are ranked among the top experts in renewable energy.