Meteolien Professionnels de l'éolien

Code of ethics

Charte éthique Meteolien

Within the scope of its strategy as well as its daily operation, within the scope of its internal management as well as its partnership and/or commercial and/or third-party relationships, whatever the country or origins may be, MetEOlien commits itself to respecting values that governed its creation :

A business activity with human and social purposes

A business activity which

  • provides customers and partners with guarantees, as well as the reliability necessary for maintaining services on a long term basis
  • shall show to all local players that it is possible to earn an honest living with such a business
  • ensures price transparency at each stage of the value chain – Balance sheet and profit & loss accounts will be published, as well as a summary of management accounting, on completion of each project.

With human and social purposes because

  • The objective of this business activity is to improve the living conditions and the development of human beings and of the social groups that they form
  • This objective must respect local culture without adversely affecting pre-existing harmony
  • Each social group is inherently capable of its own development in conformity with its own values and for its own equilibrium
  • Meteolien commits itself to operating on the basis of fair remuneration, both internally and also in its business and contractual activities. Thus, since the basic needs of the business players will be better addressed, these players will be able to invest in the development of their communities in harmony with their own culture and needs Meteolien commits itself to respecting the fact that all people are different and develop differently, and to promoting the right for children to have access to education, regardless of their sex or origin.
  • Meteolien promotes notions such as personal commitment and scope of responsibility.

A business activity aiming at developing sustainable renewable energy

  • To fight against climatic changes by developing renewable energy in countries where the population growth is rapid and the risk of energy consumption increase is high
  • By selling know-how, related to the renewable energy, to companies and organizations of these countries at a fair price to give them the opportunity to develop economically viable renewable energy for themselves and by themselves.
  • By producing energy near to the demand – to prevent the losses in the Grid and related risks.
  • By encouraging the development of regions far from the main urbanisations.

Doing business in solidarity

The Meteolien's bank account is held by a solidarity bank, which uses its cash flow to finance other solidarity projects in the field of infrastructure in the less-developed countries.

Money is a means for development, not a goal, in itself.