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Strong and steady interest in onshore wind in European countries

Project Financing remains the main concern among wind energy developers in France, which makes the search for ways to optimize the profitability of wind farms an obligation.According to the FEE, in 2019, most of the investment in new wind farms was for onshore wind energy with a value of €13 billion. This covered more than 10 GW of new projects, showing a constant high level of interest in Europe in the development of onshore wind farms.

“Governments and investors continue to have a big appetite for onshore wind. In most European countries, it is the cheapest form of new electricity production capacity. The latest auctions in Poland, Denmark, Greece, France, Italy, and Lithuania all show the attractiveness of onshore wind energy at competitive prices. We expect onshore wind energy to account for 80% of all wind capacity growth over the next five years. Investors have realized that wind power is a good investment option to meet the European Green Deal. Wind energy now accounts for more than 15% of European electricity. The European Commission expects it to reach 50% by 2050”  said Wind Europe CEO, Giles Dickson.

Evaluating the quality of the project and its profitability

The development period is built on major milestones including the wind studies and their results, the bankable production ratio, along with the intermediate studies to secure a process that is spread over time. These studies focus on the project’s foundation and require constant care and assistance comparable to a high-precision intervention that would last more than 12 months.

For project financing, these studies require software tools combined with scientific and technical skills that take years to master, in addition to a dedicated engineering and consulting firm to carry them out successfully. These studies are the “core business” of Meteolien, as it has carried out more than 210 wind farms studies, 1,300 turbines, and 3GW wind production reports since 2005, and has presented them to numerous French and international investors, banks, and lenders.