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Industrial Companies

In France, industrial sites are starting to develop an interest in a new structure that enables them to obtain renewable energy directly from the developers of renewable energy projects.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

In October 2019, France Energie Éolienne (FEE) published a model for private contracts (PPAs), which defines the conditions for the purchase of renewable electricity from a producer by a company/ industry. The PPA defines all the commercial conditions for fair trade of electricity between an electricity consumer and a private supplier. The initiative can be from wind or photovoltaic producers, as well as industrialists.

According to a FEE publication, “On June 8, 2020, Auchan, a French Retail company, announced the signature of three contracts to supply green electricity directly from their producer through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The electricity will be supplied by two wind power plants which will therefore no longer benefit from the state aid mechanism”

This transaction marks a change of model in favor of greening electricity mix while relocating a “short circuit” supply directly between an electricity producer and consumer.

Industrials and auto-production

Industrialists sometimes even develop their own production system and thus becoming “self-producers” of renewable energies. Everything is now possible and it allows a wide variety of concepts. There is no regular size. Both big and small companies can find the concept, the purpose, and the financial model. In any case, an analysis of the needs, dimensioning and a study/simulation of production and consumption may be interesting if not necessary.

Since 2010, Meteolien has developed its expertise in the dimensioning of hybrid systems and the symbiosis of wind and solar installations with an industrial process. Based on a thorough energy audit of the site, Meteolien is able to offer you development solutions for your own production means or even assist you in the negotiation of a purchase agreement directly from a producer.