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International Agencies and Organizations

Investment in clean and renewable energy projects is on the rise worldwide. These seeds of change have proven to enhance societies living conditions and generate profits for investors, in addition to boosting the local economy in recipient countries. Above all, these projects will grant access to reliable and sustainable clean energy and bring us one step closer to minimizing our global carbon footprint.

A commitment to global energy transition

Since 2005, Meteolien has been working with international agencies and organizations such as the Agence Française de Développement, the African Development Bank, and others in order to create a better tomorrow. Here at Meteolien, we are committed to accelerating the transition to affordable, reliable, efficient, and clean energy services, in addition to securing growing investments towards a safer planet.

Renewable energy projects require attentive and thorough guidance during each phase of the planning and implementation process to ensure maximum success and efficiency. Meteolien provides support and consulting services to advise and validate the proposed location(s), calculate the risks and profitability of the project, create and estimate a detailed time schedule, secure its execution within the time-frame, and most importantly ensure the continuity of the project in the long-run.

Across the life-cycle of your renewable energy projects, Meteolien will be by your side, ready to assist from the very beginning of the project until the very end. Our multidisciplinary team of experts offers you a vast range of services related to renewable energy including Wind, PV, Hybrid Systems, and Marine in addition to institutional and technical consulting services.