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WWEA is an international non-profit association embracing the wind sector worldwide, with  more than 600 members in around 100 countries. WWEA works for the promotion and worldwide deployment of wind energy technology.

– WWEA provides a platform for the communication of all wind energy actors worldwide.
– WWEA advises and influences national governments and international organisations.
– WWEA enhances international technology transfer.

WWEA Working Principles:

  1. Wind energy shall serve as one cornerstone and a driving force for the immediate application of a world energy system driven by renewable energies to completely substitute fossil and nuclear sources.
  2. Global dissemination of grid-connected and stand-alone wind energy solutions should rely on experience gained from the most successful implementation strategies, based on favourable legal, political and social framework conditions as initiated by national associations. Local and rural communities and people should be involved and should benefit directly.
  3. WWEA shall stimulate and support the foundation of national and regional wind energy associations and encourage national governments to set ambitious targets and political frameworks for priority strategies in favour of a fast and sustainable development of all renewable energies.
  4. WWEA organises together with continental, national and regional wind energy associations World Wind Energy Conferences and further international events for mobilising a wide range of the different wind energy applications.
  5. WWEA plays an active role in the World Council for Renewable Energies and cooperates with further international renewable energy organisations in order to work for a full substitution of all polluting and hazardous waste causing energies.