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Our Services

At each phase of the renewable energy and electrical generation projects maturity level, you can rely on Meteolien support to set the foundation for your project:

During the national planning and prospection phase, Meteolien provides:

  • Atlas and global territorial integration mapping for renewable energies (Wind / PV / Marine, etc.)
  • Global strategies for wind / PV energies national development, including hybrid systems and micro-grids for remote areas
  • Emerging technologies assessment
  • Consulting and Technical assistance
  • Prospective pre-feasibility analysis
  • GIS mapping

During the development phase:

Miscellaneous expert studies linked to development of Wind, PV & Marine energy studies, in addition to related production assessment, micro-siting, grid connection, storage, emerging solutions, and other studies including:

  • Renewable energy resources (including measurement campaign)
  • Specific grid connection
  • Renewable energy Hybrid systems, storage and emerging solutions optimization and Concept designs (such as energy consumer & auto-producer or micro-grid, etc.)
  • Renewable energy production assessment reports
  • Micro-siting and Concept Design studies
  • Benchmarking for equipment, material, suppliers and contractors
  • Global feasibility analysis

During the financial and legal structuring phase:

  • Financial modelling and business plans
  • Owner's engineer tasks such as writing TORS and client support during the RFP process, etc..
  • Project structuring and time scheduling

During the construction phase:

Owner's engineer tasks related to technical support such as:

  • Detailed studies validation
  • Construction follow-up
  • Testing and commissioning follow-up and validation

Services are offered for wind power plants, PV plants, hybrid plants, storage systems and emerging solutions

During the operation phase:

  • Smart data treatment (specifically during testing and commissioning)
  • Smart data treatment of SCADA and meteorological models
  • TDD's technical expertises
  • Repowering studies

Training and R&D support:

Our team of experts is keen on training and transferring Meteolien's know-how when it comes to renewable energy projects and presents enough experience in R&D projects to support new R&D teams with its expertise.