Meteolien Experts Energies Renouvelables

Our Values

Our vision is to join the fight against climate change and ensure a more sustainable and resilient future, through being a pioneer in the field of renewable energy services locally and internationally and to facilitate clean energy access to all human beings.

Here at Meteolien, we are committed to accelerating the transition to affordable, reliable, efficient and low-carbon energy services, in addition to securing a growing investment towards a sustainable planet. That's why we offer our clients tailored engineering and consulting services dedicated to planning, developing and managing renewable energy projects during the different phases of the project life-cycle.

We value our clients and strive to foster long-term relationships that are based on satisfaction, trust and transparency. We present our clients with all the guarantees needed. We are also keen on ensuring price transparency during each phase of the value chain.

As a matter of consistency between our values and our practical organization, Meteolien shareholding structure is mainly composed of us, the employees and experts, working directly with the clients.

Goals and beliefs :

  • Our goal is to improve the living conditions internationally while respecting local cultures and valuing pre-existing societal and environmental harmony
  • We believe that each social group is inherently capable of its own development within its own values and for its own equilibrium
  • We are committed to operating on the basis of fair remuneration, both internally and externally.

Meteolien aims to develop sustainable renewable energy through :

  • Developing renewable energy projects in countries with high population growth and are at high risk of experiencing a major increase in energy consumption.
  • Selling our know-how concerning renewable energies to companies and organizations at a fair price and help them become autonomous self-producers.
  • Producing energy as closely as possible to consumers as to prevent energy loss in the grid and other related risks.
  • Encouraging self-development and energy independence in remote off-grid regions.

Our values :

  • Respect : We act with empathy, honesty, integrity and transparency
  • Trust : We value the trusted relationships we have with everyone we encounter
  • Customer success : Our growth is based on mutual success. We grow as our customer’s satisfaction & their energy projects grow.
  • Equality : We respect and value people of all backgrounds and strongly believe in diversity. Together, we create a more equal and diverse workplace and world