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Meteolien specializes in providing wind resource databases throughout France and worldwide. In addition to complete feasibility studies and territory mapping, Meteolien has developed numerous solutions for the prospection phase of wind sites.

As a result of its close collaboration with Météo-France since 2013, Meteolien has developed downscaling tools, applied to Météo-France’s best long-term weather data models. These tools and databases allow you to quickly identify the best potential sites and the best locations before the start of your projects.

Site visits

Meteolien produces (within 1 day) a site study integrating all the essential elements to assess the viability of the site from a wind resource point of view: topography, roughness, wind rose, long term annual averages.

Wind atlas ADEME

In 2015, Meteolien developed, in collaboration with Météo-France, the National Wind Atlas for the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency). This Atlas contains a dozen useful indicators to help wind energy developers assess the wind energy potential of a site.

The meshes have a resolution of 2.5 km * 2.5 km over the entire Metropolitan territory, Martinique, Guadeloupe and New Caledonia. A downscaling to 500m was also carried out over 20 zones which were considered as complex in order to give more accuracy.

The available indicators for 8 different heights (20m, 40m, 60m, 80m, 100m, 120m, 140m, 160m) are the following :

Prospection wind atlas

  • Long Term Average Speed ;
  • Confidence interval of the average speed (lower and upper bounds) ;
  • Uncertainties of the average speed (in %) ;
  • Coefficients (A; k) long term ;
  • Standard deviation 24h ;
  • Standard deviation of hourly speed ramps ;
  • Average Monthly Speeds ;
  • Confidence interval of monthly speeds ;
  • Uncertainties of monthly variability (in %) ;
  • Total energy density (in W/m²);


In addition to these databases, Meteolien also offers its own software, Prodeole, which allows developers to simulate the long-term hourly production of any virtual wind farm throughout France. Based on more than 600 power curves from manufacturers and 16 available hub heights, it is possible to establish from the prospecting phase an initial production that is as close as possible to the specifications of the future wind farm.

To test the software, check out this link : Prodeole