Meteolien Professionnels de l'éolien

Wind power plant studies

Meteolien usually works in countries where very few wind data sets are available and where it is sometimes very difficult to find historical data sets from the meteorological stations.

In this context, Meteolien will find the best modeling and/or methodology in order to link meteorological models and local wind fluxes. Therefore, Meteolien will recover the necessary data sets to implement them on the site along with digital terrain model. Meteolien will also work with measured data if available.

Among other things, Meteolien can:

  • Perform wind studies
  • Perform feasibility analysis and propose support to the Business plans
  • Perform, lead and control wind measuring campaign
  • Perform micro-siting studies
  • Support investors in their interfaces with wind turbines manufacturers, but also technical, administrative and financial interlocutors, as long as needed for the project


This approach presents the following advantages:

  • Electrical, modeling and wind expertise skills are available within the same team
  • Technical, legal, and financial aspects can be dealt with together