Meteolien Professionnels de l'éolien


Meteolien has designed short and practical training courses based on CRI (Criterian Referenced Instruction) methods. This modular training concept is available in 3 languages and is adaptable to the participants needs.

For example, those training sessions can allow you to:

  • Perform the prospective evaluation of an area
  • Understand a wind analysis study
  • Sort out the successive steps and structure tasks to be performed to implement a wind power plant project
  • Understand the key issues in a wind power plant design
  • Choose a wind turbine following wind characteristics and technical criteria
  • Detect early in the project what are the key issues of the grid connection process.

Those training courses are thus designed to give the opportunity to:

  • Benefit from experience
  • Be fully aware of the key issues in the wind energy domain
  • Allow more chances of success to the projects
  • Clarify and ease the approach