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Wind Measurement Campaign

Different wind projects require different types of wind measurement campaigns whether in terms of masts, Lidars or instrumentation.

Wind measurement campaigns usually consist of installing measurement masts at an optimal height to be used for future location for wind turbines, equipped with redundant anemometers at multiple heights, along with temperature sensors, pressure sensors and others. Remote sensors such as Sodar and Lidar can also be used to obtain data for additional locations as well as to reach high altitude up to the top of the turbine rotor. Regardless of the situation, Meteolien is keen on following strict standards for wind measurement, which results not only in high accuracy but also optimal data recovery.

The placement of Intelligent Instrument is intended to minimize uncertainty regarding the expected energy production of the project. It is essential to place towers and measuring instruments in representative locations that cover all the wind resource conditions likely to be encountered by the turbines.

Meteolien’s experts help you build an optimal measurement campaign and measure the decrease in the uncertainty related to the optimal placement of the measurement.

Our site engineers supervise the installation of the measurement towers and/or Lidars and Sodars. During site visits, we also study existing nearby weather stations and verify the location, height, orientation and environment of the instrumentation in accordance with the required standards for bankable power production reports.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your wind measurement according to the most rigorous quality standards (MEASNET, DAkks and IEC61400). This way the measured data is checked and analyzed for any missing values, icing, shading effect of the measuring mast, etc…

In order to calculate the long-term average, we identify the most appropriate long-term data sets according to various criteria. The density of the air at the site is also of great importance for energy efficiency calculations. Based on our reanalysis data, we can obtain a long-term air density at your site.

Lastly, a detailed analysis of the uncertainty for wind measurement is included in the wind data analysis report.