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Wind Studies

As an expert in meteorological databases and Atlas, Meteolien specializes in wind resource studies of potential sites during all stages of development of a wind energy project.

Whether the project is located on a simple terrain or complex one,  and whether it is located in France or abroad, Meteolien has the tools and experience needed to carry out an estimate of wind energy potential and its related uncertainties.

In the prospecting phase, we carry out comprehensive qualitative studies to determine well in advance the long-term wind conditions of the site through site reviews. Based on Meteolien’s internal databases combined with a topographical and site roughness analysis, site reviews allow wind developers to quickly obtain an initial estimate of long-term producibility for several types of machines. Accordingly, unprofitable wind projects can be ruled out beforehand.

In the feasibility phase, we carry out complete quantitative resource studies with detailed numerical modeling of the site, in addition to a calculation of long-term production at precise hub height and results. This allow developers to pre-select a range of turbines at this stage.

In the development phase, we provide our know-how in the implementation of an on-site data measurement strategy (measurement masts, LIDARs) as well as supervision of the masts or LIDARs during the entire data collection period. Meteolien systematically complies with the most rigorous standards for wind measurement: MEASNET, Dakks, and IEC-61400.

In the financing phase, we provide complete studies that are approved by all financial institutions in France and abroad.

In the operational phase, we analyze the performance of the wind farm in a continuous process for the improvement of wind production.

For this complete range of wind turbine studies, Meteolien invests massively in Research and Development programs in order to provide its customers with ongoing high-performance services. In particular, we are at the front-line in the analysis of sites with complex structures thanks to the use of high-performance CFD tools (Computational Fluid Dynamics).